Motor controllers and automation systems


Motor controllers and automation systems

Our commercial/industrial division specializes in both new and renovation installations. We incorporate knowledge, expertise and application know-how in all of our installations to take an electrical project from initial stage to final completion.

DuWise Electrical Services Company has been designing and fabricating Industrial and Commercial Electrical Control Panels and Automation Systems for a multitude of industries/applications for over 10 years. We are known for our technical expertise, well designed and fabricated Motor Control Panels and Automation Systems, complete documentation, and quick response.

Full starting voltage panels

Full starting voltage panels are motor control panels that use full rated voltage to start and maintain operation of the motor. These controls are suitable for applications in which the electrical service supplying the motor is sufficient in size to accommodate the starting current of the motor. Panel types under this category are: Magnetic Starters, Across the Line Combination Starters (circuit breaker type), and Across the Line Combination Starters (fusible type).

Variable speed motor panels

Variable speed controls are used in applications where the speed of a motor must be continuously controlled. Many processes require this kind of flexibility. Variable speed controllers offer an additional advantage in that they can also reduce the starting current of a motor over that of an Across the Line panel.

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