HMI and PLC programming

If you're looking for PLC programming support, you've come to the right place. Duwise Engineering provides PLC programming and HMI development for Allen Bradley, Siemens and wide range of other vendor software and hardware systems and equipment. Our company offer PLC support in the form of programming, networking, technical support and consulting. We're available to help you with everyday operations as well as special projects.

Simple projects that we're frequently asked to help out with include:
  • Adding/Deleting Inputs or Outputs
  • Adding/Deleting/Modifying Alarms
  • Adding/Deleting Time Delays
  • Modifying Setpoints
  • Modifying Ladder Logic
  • Interpreting and Understanding Existing Programs
  • Troubleshooting Existing System
  • Interfacing to HMI
  • Interfacing to RTU
  • Improving System Functionality
  • Suggestions

We are experienced in industrial automation and process control systems. Our company provide detailed software documentation and operator training needed and demanded by industrial clients.