Emergency power generators

When is a good time for your business, hospital, or industrial facility to lose power? Weather, an aging electrical infrastructure, accidents, and more can disrupt power to your operation for hours, days, even a week or more. That’s downtime no business can afford.

Reliable power is more than a convenience, Duwise Electric has the experience to evaluate your facility and its operations for the proper fit in emergency generators.

Emergency backup generators come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and can be put to a variety of uses. Here's a look at what you'll have when you have one installed. When it comes to your business, planning and executing an emergency generator installation is a job for the professionals. First, you need to determine what you want to power and what the wattage requirements are, take an inventory of the systems and appliances you need to power in your business, including things like lights, security system, air conditioning, cook tops, sales registers, refrigeration, computers, data servers, etc. For example, a gas station could take anywhere from a 30- to a 150-kilowatt standby generator, depending on the number of pumps, coolers and the geographic location (higher air conditioning demand in warmer regions). Finally, consider the fuel source. Will the generator be running on LP (or liquefied petroleum gas), natural gas or diesel?"