Commercial fluorescent lighting

With a lifespan nearly 50 times longer and energy use nearly 85 percent lower than incandescent bulbs, fluorescent technology makes for an energy-efficient investment that easily justifies its higher upfront cost. DuWise Electrical Services can install fluorescent lighting in your commercial building, whether it’s a retail store, office building, or any other type of business.

Benefits of fluorescent lighting

  • Fluorescent lighting costs 66 percent less than incandescent lighting while providing the same brightness. When you consider that a quarter of any home’s electrical consumption is done through light bulbs, the savings can add up considerably.
  • Fluorescent bulbs last, on average, six times longer than incandescent bulbs. They tend to burn less after continuous use, hold up well against being turned on and off.
  • Fluorescent lights do not give off heat, which makes them ideal for lighting up areas where additional heat can cause equipment to malfunction or bother the users.

Fluorescent lighting for commercial buildings

Fluorescent office light fixtures will continue to be one of the most popular types of general lighting for commercial office buildings. It’s important that they have good light control, energy efficiency and proper illumination to properly light your office without causing your employees discomfort. With so much better technology, fluorescent office lighting has not only reduced energy costs, but is now more comfortable than ever to work under. All fluorescent light fixtures you see here have electronic ballasts for lamps which have excellent color rendering properties. It will make your product standout or give people a better visual acuity in anything task they do. If you have any questions of how to best apply any of these light fixtures you see here and we’ll be happy to help you.