Communication and data systems

The importance of information technology (IT) is that it transmits information as well as stores and analyzes information. Because of its functions, IT has become a crucial part of modern life. Network systems and data communication analysts help organizations and individuals both store and share information through computer systems and networks such as computer databases and the Internet.

DuWise Electrical Services provides an "Exclusive Communications" solution which integrates planning, installing and managing of the communication and data systems. Our company will provide your business with high quality services during all phases of communication and data deployment, whether moving, just starting or realizing the need for a better system.

We have:

Voice, Data, Fiber Optic, Wireless, and Network Communication Specialists

We provide:

Cabling, design, evaluation, installation, maintenance and repairs for all voice data and fiber optic networks

Config Systems can accommodate all your data ad computer network cabling needs. We perform certified installation services for copper and fiber optic networks as well as data patch panel and switch installation all the way to the data jack level.

We certify all the data cable terminations using the latest data testing equipment and can provide you a full bandwidth certification report on install so that you know the job was installed properly.

Analysis and Design

DuWise Electrical Services helps you select the correct technology and will design an application for your business. We will work with you to understand the needs of your end customers, providing self-service users with easily understood options and efficient access to the information they need.


The installation of your system will be performed by highly-trained, knowledgeable technicians. Installations include 20 to 25 year warranty.


When we have completed the installation of your communication or data system, our team will test your solution thoroughly. Our testing process ensures you have a very effective solution at the end of the project. All new cabling comes with certified test results as as-built drawings.

Maintenance And Support

DuWise Electrical Services will work closely with your business as it grows and changes. Our customers are valued business partners, and our goal is to help make businesses successful.


DuWise Electrical Services offers comprehensive training on your new communication or data system. Training includes on-site and remote service.

From residential, commercial, or industrial locations, we can provide the data cabling that you need to succeed. Please contact us for a quote for your next fiber or data cabling project for a free quote to meet your data cabling and communication needs.