Ballast Replacement

Are the fluorescent lights in your building flickering? Fluorescent lights don’t “burn out” the way standard incandescent bulbs do—usually when it looks like they’re dying, it’s because of a problem with your ballast. Ballast replacement is an easy job for the professional electricians at DuWise Electrical Services!

How fluorescent lights work

Fluorescent light bulbs aren’t really light bulbs at all. Instead, they’re long tubes that contain a gas which glows when electricity is applied. Regulating the amount of electrical current that flows through the tube is a ballast, which basically acts as a resistor to prevent the fluorescent tube from getting too much electricity and potentially being damaged. Ballasts typically last between 40,000 and 100,000 hours, making them extremely reliable. If the fluorescent lights in your building are starting to flicker and you need ballast replacement contact DuWise Electrical Services!

High quality ballast replacement

At DuWise Electrical Services, customer satisfaction and fast, reliable electrical service are our top priorities. We will examine your fluorescent lights and determine exactly what’s causing them to go out. If you end up needing ballast replacement, we will have your problem taken care of quickly and safely so you won’t have to deal with flickering lights.

It is recommended to use one of the improved varieties if you need to replace the ballasts in your fluorescent fixtures. These fluorescent ballasts, called improved electromagnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts, raise the efficiency of the fixture by 12-30 percent.